Interactive dance publication and a Festival

2011 ongoing

Author: Martina Granić

Production: Sonja Pregrad, Plesni centar TALA 

Graphic design: Martina Granić


— 2011 - ongoing, Croatia (PLATFORMA.HR), Slovenia, Serbia, Berlin (Tanzfabrik)

TASK is an interactive project and a dance performance art mag- azine which, after a huge last year's success at Platforma.hr, presents its second edition this year. The project encompasses the explorative, performing, educational, documentaristic and visual/graphic aspect. The project, as well as Paltforma, aspires to new ways of activa- tion and networking of dance artists in Croatia and the region, eventually. Besides documenting/mapping the choreographers on the scene and their work, its idea is questioning and tran- sponding of knowledge and methods, and education of young choreographers.

THE MAGAZINE. each number of TASK is edited by another cho- reographer – TASK is a template/cut for the making of a project (dance performance) in 7 steps/categories/instructions – these 7 categories complete one another and in a way make a whole of the artistic production of the author who has given them. Once TASK is published, the choreographic material is basically available to every reader.

THE SHOW. By reading the steps as an inspiration, an instruc- tion, but of the work aesthetics/poetry/ethics of the magazine author, the other choreographer is invited to start a dialogue with TASK, and to turn it into his/her own performance work. By a direct transfer of methodology, without any further influ- ence of the author choreographer, a moved, but materialized exchange between two choreographers happens. TASK opens the possibilities to reflect, reinterprete and have a creative dialogue.

Young authors are invited to an educational-art platform, where under the last year's TASK authors' mentorship they study (specific) choreography practices and develop their own work.

All works will be presented in the context of mutual dialogue, ended by discussion and reflection upon the acquired knowl- edge and further development possibilities of TASK as a means of communication, education and creation.

The idea and concept of TASK project was conceived by MartinaGranić in cooperation with the copyright team Sonja Pregrad, Tamara Curić i Larisa Navojec.