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EKS BAUHAUS PROJECT results from the  Bauhaus School curriculum research. The project aims to compile and review the current position of the artist, student, institutional support and the market through teaching the practices and system of Bauhaus ideology. The artistic team compiled of six artists — Nino Bokan, Dora Đurkesac, Martina Granić, Karla Paliska, Vesna Rohaček, Irena Tomašić — desires to  open up a dialogue on how to apply some of these principles on systems which surround us today and to examine the impacts resulting from these ideologies on these communities. A series of works created throughout 2014 – 2105, as part of this research, will be performed and/or exhibited as part of  the Bauhaus Exhibition (Bauhaus – Networking Ideas and Practice — BAUNET)  in 2015 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb and Zagreb Dance Center.


Project manager: Martina Granić

Authors: Nino Bokan, Dora Đurkesac, Martina Granić, Karla Paliska, Vesna Rohaček, Irena Tomašić


Photography: Iva Korenčić Čabo

Production: ekscena

In collaboration: Croatian institute for movement and dance residency program at Zagreb dance centre 2014, Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb (BAUNET project), School of design — Faculty of Architecture — University of Zagreb, Public Open University Zagreb

Sponsor: BAUHAUS

Thanks to: Liberdance



Instalation / Mediatheque Zagreb dance centre 

Author: Vesna Rohaček

― June 2015, Zagreb Dance Centre, Zagreb


SPECTRA — Installation that examines the structural laws of color spectrum and the ability of its mixing and changing. It shows the light breaking through the sculptural form of glass prisms, which are projecting a range of colors on the surrounding walls in different constellations. Visitors can rotate the pedestal of installation and this affects the schedule change,  initiating color mixing and their positions in the spectrum, and this motion perceptionally runs the entire surrounding visual area.



Exhibition / Roof Zagreb dance centre 

Authors: Dora Đurkesac and Karla Paliska

― June 2015, Zagreb Dance Centre, Zagreb


IN SITU deals with research of conceptions of space.Through discovering its layers we seek new ways of perceiving it, its correlation between experience and materiality, subjectivity, rhythm, movement, its totality and fragments. What can be defined as space... Starting from the nature of experiencing space that consist of the fragmentary perception or lack of perception of the whole, we are deepening views on those fragments to gain insight into new wholes.



Dance performance / Black studio Zagreb dance centre 

Choreography: Martina Granić

Performed by: Nino Bokan, Martina Granić, Lana Hosni, Andreja Jandrić, Katarina Rilović, Sara Škrobe, Irena Tomašić

― Premiere: May 2014, Zagreb Dance Centre, Zagreb


JATO UTILE performance is based on the search for “utilitarian movement” in building a self-sustaining system among performers. The work involves constantly listening to each other within the group and occupying a common territory by creating our own imaginarium.



Dance performance / Black studio Zagreb dance centre 

Choreography / Performed by: Martina Granić in collaboration with Marta Banić and Maja Jakuš-Mejarec

Music: N. Mihaljević / Soft Temple II

― Premiere: June 2015, Zagreb Dance Centre, Zagreb


Nymphs Sirens Birds in the range between air and the sea, awakening and sleep, since ancient times have been given with numerous qualities of transfiguration. With or without feathers, they have taken many shapes and shades of mortality.


Theoretical workshop, 2015

Authors: Martina Granić, Irena Tomašić

― May 2015, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb

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