Dance performance, 2014

Duration 50 minutes


Author/Choreography: Martina Granić

Performed by: Nino Bokan, Martina Granić, Lana Hosni, Andreja Jandrić, Katarina Rilović, Sara Škrobe, Irena Tomašić

Set design: Martina Granić

Costume design: Martina Granić

Fotografija: Iva Korenčić

Production: ekscena

In collaboration: Croatian institute for movement and dance residency program at Zagreb dance centre 2014, Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb (BAUNET project), School of design - Faculty of Architecture - University of Zagreb, Public Open University Zagreb

Supported by: City of Zagreb

Sponsor: BAUHAUS

Thanks to: Liberdance

― Premiere: May 2014, Zagreb Dance Center, Zagreb

JATO UTILE performance is based on the search for “utilitarian movement” in building a self-sustaining system among performers. The work involves constantly listening to each other within the group and occupying a common territory by creating our own imaginarium.