Dance performance, 2015

Duration 30 minutes


Choreography / Performed by: Martina Granić in collaboration with Marta Banić and Maja Jakuš-Mejarec

Music: N. Mihaljević / Soft Temple II


Cosutme design: Martina Granić

Set design: Martina Granić

Photo: Eni Vesović


Production: ekscena

In collaboration: Croatian institute for movement and dance residency program at Zagreb dance centre 2014, Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb (BAUNET project), School of design - Faculty of Architecture - University of Zagreb, Public Open University Zagreb

Sponsor: BAUHAUS

Thanks to: Liberdance

― Premiere: June 2015, Zagreb Dance Center, Zagreb

Nymphs Sirens Birds in the range between air and the sea, awakening and sleep, since ancient times have been given with numerous qualities of transfiguration. With or without feathers, they have taken many shapes and shades of mortality.