Dance performance, 2015

Duration 60 min

Authors: Martina Granić in collaboration with Ana Mrak

Choreography: Martina Granić and Ana Mrak

Performed by: Matea Bilosnić, Dina Ekštajn, Martina Granić, Andreja Jandrić, Ana Mrak, Martina Tomić, Vnučec Ana, Mia Zalukar

Music: N. Mihaljevic / Soft Temple II


Graphic Design: Maja Kolar & Maša Poljanec (OAZA)

Set design: Martina Granić

Costume Design: Martina Granić

Costume Production: Nina Tarnovski (NTS)

Photography-Visuals: Hrvoje Zalukar (

Photography-Show: Iva Korenčić

Photography-Documentation: Eni Vesović

Essay: Irena Tomašić


Production: dance_lab collective

Co-Production: Domino Association / The Perforations Festival

In Collaboration: Zagreb Dance Centre

Supported by: City of Zagreb

Sponsor: NTS Sportswear

― Premiere: December 2015, Zagreb Dance Center

― March 2016, Zagreb Dance Center,



We can see Botanike as spaces, fairies, nymphs, dreams, tales, woods, gardens... Entering into their world we are still faced with the artifacts of the present but experienced in neo-romantic and exciting way. This project is not a critique of the late capitalism; it is about dealing with the evolutionary achievement of today’s culture which is hard to circumvent. Botanical Gardens aka Botanike also paraphrase simultaneous preservation of different dance forms suggesting deliberate exploitation of the theater, dance, digital and pop culture achievements potential.