Dance performance, 2016

Duration 50 min

Author: Martina Granić

Music: Aldo Orlić Zolium

Performing: Martina Granić & Aldo Orlić Zolium


Choreography, Dramaturgy, Lyrics: Martina Granić

Graphic design: Niko Mihaljević 

Set and Costume design: Martina Granić 

Essay: Irena Tomašić

Photography, Trailer: Iva Korenčić 

Photography, Performance shooting: Krunoslav Marinac 

Movement assistance: Ema Janković 

Pole Dance choreography: Sanja Mihoc 

Costume creation: Kristina Tešija & Nina Tarnovski NTS 

Translation: Nina Sakić, Andrea Rožić

Thanks to: My Family, Botanike Girls, Denf Collective, Stefan Haus, Maja Jakuš, Marijo Škrinjar


Produced by: dance_lab collective

In collaboration with: Zagreb dance center & HIPP

Supported by:City of Zagreb, Ministry of Culture RH


― Premiere: December 2016., Zagreb dance center


The foundation of this intimate authorial work is Instagram love poetry for lord Dracula, who personifies eternal love, which is, regardless of the time component, bound to come. Vampires’ need to go back into the moment in which they could, this time around, experience the final thrill and death is opposite to the need humans have for eternal youth. That dissonance is the ground on which the inst poetry is composed and it is afterwards staged in the form of a performance. The experience of vampires changes through history, but it corresponds to contemporary pop culture. Dracula is thus a contemporary man with whom one can spend romantic and eventful time. All vampire stories are different, but all have a common denominator; lust, escape form everyday life, the battle between good and evil, life and death, dreaming and waking life. This performance and the mentioned poetry describe the belief in love, which is metaphorically already here. His love vampirizes, awakens and impels to the transformations of femininity. 

#bouquetsfromthefinestgraves #eternallove #lovemydracula