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Dance Workshop, 2018

Bakelit Multi Art Center

Duration 5 days/3 hours

DANCE WORKSHOP based on High Spirits method 
WHEN: 5-days of 4 hours/day between 5-10 April
FOR: young professional or semi-professional contemporary, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, folklore or other dancers!
WITH: choreographer Martina Granić & dancers Filipa Bavčević, Irena Tomašić, Josip Štulić and Mia Zalukar 

# a method of a modern ritual for amateur and professional dancers 
# contemporary dance movement based on dance jumps in everyday society
# jumping method through the means of improvisation, movement skills, and set material exploring dynamic potential when transitioning between the standing, walking, running and jumping 
# includes tasks and scores that draw attention to listening through exchange of our physical communication, resulting in a clearer understanding of the intention, dance intuition, direction and energies of the group. 
# the jumps are partly improvised and partly choreographed
# an instant choreography is conceded - exhausting to perform but incredibly entertaining, spiritual, and liberating with a sense of mutual connectivity
# reminds us of Dervish where the great physical effort arouses ecstasy and trans
# it calms down all the tensions and allows people to connect thus wiping out tense social and political hierarchies

This process will be additional to working materials on the final show HIGH SPIRITS that will be premiered in York in October! 

The process of staging, partly improvised and partially choreographed will be documented in form of dance reality show episode, filming the workshops research process and final presentation. 

The aim of this project is to present final output of the workshop through the viral and theatre environment at the same time, in order to make connection between formal artistic approach and usage of popular viral culture, to create a new conclusion for a wider audience.

Workshop Leader / Choreography: Martina Granić
Movement creation: Mia Zalukar, Filipa Bavčević, Irena Tomašić, Josipa Štulić
Video and Photography: Hrvoje Zalukar, Dario Matić
Music: Aldo Orlić Zolium


DENF girls collective is a crew of Croatian dancers, pedagogues, choreographers, photographers, curators and designers; formed to work in between the sphere of dance performance and visual design and to showcase cross disciplinary work in different media. Even though they are rebuilding contemporary dance performance heritage which involves strong infrastructural support, their work is associated mostly through Internet-tinged aesthetics showing primitive dancers escapism opposite to todays "people alienation" internet aesthetics. "Denfesitas" low art photo series and videos posted throughout the 2016 and 2017 were a melancholic reflection on their work environment. "Choreo Denf High Spirits" project includes introducing dance movement through jumps in everyday society and will take the form of dance reality show series filming movement workshops by introducing the possibility of participation of the local communities in movement workshops and presentations.

The project is realized in the frame of Be SpectACTive, based on audience development, involving some of the most innovative European organizations working on active spectatorship in contemporary performing arts.