DENF Collective

Dance Collective and Internet Art project

2016 2018

Internet Art project in 2016: DENFESITAS SLAY HARD:


WE ARE: Filipa Bavčević, Matea Bilosnić, Andreja Jandrić, Martina Granić, Maja Jakuš–Mejarec, Irena Tomašić, Josipa Štulić, Mia Zalukar

Collaborators: Hrvoje Zalukar & Dario Matić (Photo/Video), Ganna Kamendrovska & Marija Lucić (Video), Zagreb dance center, Be SpectACTtive programe

DENF collective is a crew of Croatian dancers, pedagogues, choreographers, photographers, curators and designers; Filipa Bavčević, Matea Bilosnić, Martina Granić, Maja Jakuš-Mejarec, Irena Tomašić, Josipa Štulić and Mia Zalukar; formed to work in between the sphere of dance performance and visual design and to showcase cross disciplinary work in different media. Even though they are rebuilding contemporary dance performance heritage which involves strong infrastructural support, their work is associated mostly through Internet-tinged aesthetics showing primitive dancers escapism opposite to todays “people alienation” internet aesthetics. “Denfesitas” low art photo series and videos posted throughout the 2016 and 2017 were a melancholic reflection on their work environment.